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Dr. Krizz Chan Unwpa Thailand ( PPE Kits for Nurses and Doctors)

Date 4/4/2020 PPE Kits for Nurses and Doctors Due to the shortage of ppe sets of doctors and nurses at mission hospital, we donated 100 PPE kits to cheer up for the nurses and doctors of missions hospital. As the Covid 19 virus pandemic is affecting economy and safety. The Mission Hospital has a shortage of PPE kits for doctors and nurses. Dr...


UNWPA Myanmar Dr. Ven Sobhita

       700-Islamic Members (Muslim community) Visited to IBEC – အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာ ဗုဒ္ဓဘာသာ ပညာရေး စင်တာ -International Buddhist Education Center, Myanmar. 11-3-2020 at Sagaing Hills, Sagaing. IBEC. IBEC အစ္စလာမ် မွှတ် ဆ လင် EC EC လာရောက်လေ့လာ စတော့ဟုမ်း စတော့ဟုမ်း ငြိမ်းချမ်းရေးဆုရှင် မှမှ အပြုံး The three core values or principles that guided discussions were interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.  We live in an interconnected world; what happens in...


Morocco Head Representative

  Unwpa Head Representative attended an important conference in Rabat, Morocco last week, representing UNWPA. Extremely important conference, covering fighting poverty in Morocco and globally, protection of children, women and the elderly, human rights, and many other interesting topics. And was delighted to have been awarded a very prestigious  certificate of recognition


Morocco Head Representative

Ambassador Lahoucine Goghrod Attending an international conference ( “Maroc entrepreneur “ in Paris with HE Tabassum Saleem, Ambassador, International Human Rights Commission January 2020 Meeting with the Moroccan Ambassador to France, Mr Ben Moussa International conference Paris Attending an international conference in Agadir, Morocco, I was invited to attend the king of Morocco’s royal Palace, Tetouan, Morocco Awarded a prestigious Police medal, on...


Actividades de voluntariado de SRI LANKA

En este día de hoy, el 4 de febrero de 2020, llevamos a cabo nuestro primer programa específicamente para niños en nombre de la UNWPA. Se llevó a cabo en Ragama, pueblo de Dambawa, que está a casi 20 km de Colombo, la capital del país. Hubo alrededor de 30 niños que asistieron con entusiasmo al programa que llevaron a cabo dos maestros...

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